WWE NXT Result & Highlight: Wednesday Night NXT Result, Winner, Grade, Video| All You Need To Know – 23rd November 2021

WWE NXT Result & Highlight: Wednesday Night NXT Result, Winner, Grade, Video| All You Need To Know – 23rd November 2021

WWE NXT Result & Highlight: The Grayson Waller interrupts the WWE Signature Video. He’s in the ring and describes himself as the fastest rising star on NXT.

Then he talks about Tommaso Ciampa, who is not in the intro, this is because Ciampa is not a superstar like Waller. Suddenly, his further speech is interrupted by NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa. The first match of the evening takes place.

WWE NXT Result & Highlight

1st Match
Non-Title Match
Tommaso Ciampa defeated Grayson Waller after the Fairy Tale Ending – during the match the audience chanted “CIAMPA GONNA K * LL YOU” (13:29)

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Backstage: McKenzie Mitchell questions LA Knight about Waller’s match. Knight talks about how he could have tasted Waller the match, but Waller did it well on his own. Knight continues to pull over Waller until Joey Gacy shows up. Gacy finds Knight’s words destructive.

Knight would love to attack Gacy. Gacy is ready for a match against Knight in his safe room – the ring. Knight makes it clear that there will be no micro-aggression in the ring, but ruthless aggression, and he will spank Gacy’s bum. Knight leaves and Gacy would much rather that Knight leave all aggression in the locker room.

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The following is a video review of the “Poker Showdown” between Duke Hudson and Cameron Grimes from the previous week.

Earlier Today Video: Toxic Attraction chat about their opponents at NXT WarGames. Dakota Kai joins the trio. The four ladies then see destroyed objects. They keep walking and we see Kay Lee Ray, who has a baseball bat and is responsible for the destruction.

In-ring: Cameron Grimes goes into the ring and now has a significantly shorter haircut and a trimmed beard after the events of the previous week. Grimes mentions growing up in a small town in North Carolina.

He was bullied and people told him he was not good enough. Grimes showed them that he was good enough. Grimes showed them he could do it and he even got rich. He never parted with his long hair and beard to remember the times when he had nothing. But Hudson took all that from him. Hudson humiliated and shamed Grimes. Worse, Hudson annoyed Grimes.

Grimes tells Hudson to come out. Hudson appears on the video screen. He’s at the barber’s making fun of Grimes. For Grimes, Hudson is just a coward and as a result he challenges his rival to a hair vs. hair match at NXT WarGames. Hudson rises and accepts the challenge. The Australian wrestler holds a bag of Grimes hair up to the camera and explains that he will steal the rest of his hair as well.

Backstage: Pete Dunne wants to secure title gold tonight.

Backstage: Indi Hartwell and Persia Pirotta are with McKenzie Mitchell for an interview. Dexter Lumis is likely to be out for a month, but Hartwell’s father-in-law will take care of Carmelo Hayes afterwards while she focuses on the tag team match against Kayden Carter and Kacy Catanzaro. Indi Hartwell dedicates the next match to her husband, Dexter Lumis.

Video: Now we are introduced to Tiffany Stratton. She is a wealthy woman and will soon make her debut on NXT 2.0.

WWE NXT Result & Highlight

2. Match
Tag Team Match
Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter defeated Indi Hartwell & Persia Pirotta after an Assisted Diving Splash from Catanzaro against Hartwell (3:31) – the worried Hartwell didn’t concentrate on the match and kept looking at her wedding ring

Video recap: Legado Del Fantasma attacked Xyon Quinn last week.

Video: Andre Chase shows his students the premises. When they meet Cameron Grimes, he has a new lesson for his students. Never make a decision when you’re upset because it could cost you the match or, as in the case of Grimes, your hair. Grimes replies, “Andre Chase, go to hell!” Grimes leaves and Chase tells the students not to care about Grimes’ words.

3rd match
Santos Escobar (w / Joaquin Wilde, Raul Mendoza & Elektra Lopez) defeated Malik Blade after the Phantom Driver (2:29)

After the match: Joaquin Wilde, Raul Mendoza & Elektra Lopez step into the ring. Elektra Lopez recalls the painful lesson Xyon Quinn learned when no one turns down an offer from Legado Del Fantasma. Legado Del Fantasma are interrupted by Kyle O’Reilly and Von Wagner.

Both teams argue about who should get a chance at the Tag Team title until the reigning NXT Tag Team Champs Imperium show up. Fabian Aichner & Marcel Barthel do not take both teams seriously and announce that they will risk their titles against the worthy tag team at NXT WarGames.

Backstage: Raquel Gonzalez, Zoey Stark on crutches and Io Shirai argue with each other until Cora Jade interrupts the three women. She wants you to focus on the essentials. Since Stark is injured, they should find a fourth team member for the WarGames match. In the meantime, Jade is going to kick the asses of the others.

WWE NXT Result & Highlight

Backstage: Tony D’Angelo speaks to McKenzie Mitchell about today’s main event. Tony put all his money on Carmelo Hayes. At the end of the segment Angelo says: “Back to the three idiots at the commentary table.”

4. Match
Non-Title Match
Cora Jade beat Mandy Rose via rollup (4:02) – at the end of the match, Kay Lee Ray came out with her baseball bat and hit the ring post and a table, then threw the bat at the referee to, this distracted Mandy Rose briefly and Jade used this to win

Backstage: Carmelo Hayes (w / Trick Williams) promises to successfully defend his title gold tonight. Dunne won’t have a chance.

Backstage: Joe Gacy is in a darkened room claiming the world needs him. He wants to restore sight to the blind. Suddenly Gacy is touched by a tattooed hand, which is probably Harland’s hand. Gacy returns the touch and smiles.

Backstage: Io Shirai, Raquel González and Zoey Stark celebrate Cora Jade until Kay Lee Ray shows up and declares that she is the fourth member of the team in the WarGames match against Toxic Attraction. She will also take part in next week’s ladder match to determine which team will receive the WarGames benefit.

Joe Gacey is in the ring waiting for an LA Knight opponent. The music of Knight can be heard, but on the way to the ring Knight is attacked from behind by Grayson Waller. Both fight back to the backstage area while several referees want to separate the two.

Joe Gacey sits down on a chair in the ring and thinks it’s a shame, because he would have liked to show Knight how he can resolve his conflicts with Waller without violence.

The Diamond Mine: Malcolm Bivens, Julius & Brutus Creed, NXT Cruiserweight Champion Roderick Strong, Ivy Nile & Hachiman interrupt Gacey. The Diamond Mine interrupted Gacey because he wanted to steal the spotlight from them. Bivens made sure that Ivy Nile can prove himself tonight. Gacy respects Nile, but not reigning NXT Cruiserweight Champion Roderick Strong.

Roderick Strong has heard enough and is ready to play his next money match against Joe Gacy. He asks Bivens to make the match official. Bivens wants to make the match official for NXT WarGames.

Gacy is grateful. Bivens calls on the Creed Brothers to remove Gacy from the ring. But it doesn’t come to that because Harland comes out and stands next to Gacy. The members of The Diamond Mine make their way out of the ring.

WWE NXT Result & Highlight

Video: MSK: Wes Lee & Nash Carter are out in the car in the evening hours. With this they continue their journey in search of their shaman. Both get caught in a police check. The officer tells both of them that the speed limit is 35mph and that they are both traveling at 7mph.

Wes Lee & Nash Carter are supposed to get out of the vehicle. During the inspection, the officer also wants to take a look in the tag team’s black bag. Both of them are suddenly very nervous. Suddenly a car speeds past them and the officer breaks off the control to start chasing the car. MSK are visibly relieved.

5th match
Ivy Nile (w / Diamond Mine: Malcolm Bivens, Julius & Brutus Creed, Roderick Strong & Hachiman) defeated Yulisa Leon via task in the Dragon Sleeper (2:44)

This is followed by a hype video for Solo Sikoa.

Backstage: The Grizzled Young Veterans unobtrusively steal a person’s wallet and move on. Moments later, LA Knight and Grayson Waller are fighting in the same place. Several referees intervene.

Video: Boa is on the throne of Tian Sha and claims to have no control over this power. Mei Ying left this to him completely and is no longer there. He cannot control this power.

6. Match
Tag Team Match
Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen def.The Grizzled Young Veterans: James Drake & Zack Gibson) after a double clothesline combination against Drake – Knight and Waller continue their brawl in the backstage area during the match (4:30)

For next week’s WWE NXT 2.0 confirmed:

Ladder Match
Sigerin secures the advantage for her team at NXT WarGames
Kay Lee Ray vs. Dakota Kai

The commentators go through the NXT WarGames Matchcard:

WarGames Match
Cora Jade, Kay Lee Ray, Raquel González & Io Shirai vs. Dakota Kai and Toxic Attraction: Mandy Rose, Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne

Hair vs. Hair Match
Cameron Grimes vs. Duke Hudson

NXT Cruiserweight Championship
Roderick Strong (c) vs. Joe Gacy

NXT Tag Team Championship
Empire: Fabian Aichner & Marcel Barthel (c) vs. Legado Del Fantasma: Joaquin Wilde & Raul Mendoza or Kyle O’Reilly & Von Wagner

The trailer for the “WWE Day One” pay-per-view event follows.

7. Match
NXT North American Championship – Triple Threat Match
Carmelo Hayes (w / Trick Williams) (c) defeated Johnny Gargano and Pete Dunne after the Top Rope Scissors Kick against Gargano – at the end of the match Tony D’Angelo stormed out and interrupted that Cover of Pete Dunne at Gargano immediately after the bitter end before he promoted the British wrestler onto the ring stairs, Hayes used the situation to end the match (11:29)

After the match: Wade Barrett wonders if Melo bribed Tony D’Angelo to help. Suddenly D’Angelo is promoted from behind against Williams as La Knight and Grayson Waller continue their brawl in the hall. In the ring there is a violent brawl between both sides and the audience chants “WarGames”.

WWE NXT Result & Highlight

LA Knight, Pete Dunne and Johnny Gargano team up against Tony D’Angelo, Carmelo Hayes and Grayson Waller. The latter can assert themselves and then Johnny Gargano’s hand is said to be injured with a chair (the same action that Dexter Lumis had to endure).

Carmelo Hayes climbs onto the top rope, but suddenly the music of Tommaso Ciampa can be heard.

The NXT Champion comes out with a chair and uses it against some of the heels. D’Angelo, Hayes and Waller retreat to the stage to a loud “DIY” chant. Both teams star down from a distance.

Suddenly a siren sounds. Bron Breakker comes out and joins the heels. Breakker has a microphone and says: “WarGames!” The heels storm into the ring and have a violent brawl with LA Knight, Pete Dunne, Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa. The WarGames siren also sounds. This is the end of this week’s show.