WWE Raw Result & Highlight: Monday Night RAW Result, Winners, Grade, Reaction| All You Need To Know – 11th October 2021

WWE Raw Result & Highlight: Monday Night RAW Result, Winners, Grade, Reaction| All You Need To Know – 11th October 2021

WWE Raw Result & Highlight: Drew McIntyre steps into the ring and greets the audience and mentions the top matches for Crown Jewel, including his match against Big E, in which he claims to be WWE Champion again.

McIntyre knows his time on Raw is running out, but he wants to join SmackDown as a champion.

Big E interrupts and can understand that McIntyre wants to become champion, because he too can feel the sweet nectar of the Championship dripping down his chin between his nipples – McIntyre looks confused. Big E makes it clear to McIntyre that he will have no chance of winning the title from him.

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WWE Raw Result & Highlight

McIntyre remembers how excited the fans were when Big E won the title. McIntyre himself was the champion for a long time but never got this reaction as he won the title at a different time. But his time at WWE Crown Jewel will begin and he will run through Big E there.

The Usos come out excited about the upcoming match between Big E and McIntyre.  Jey picks Big E and Jimmy picks McIntyre as the winner.  Jey goes on to make it clear that everyone knows that Roman Reigns will successfully risk his title against Brock Lesnar, but the more important question is who will be Reigns’ next opponent in the Survivor Series – Big E or McIntyre?

McIntyre and Big E disagree, of course, but agree to challenge the Usos for a match tonight.  Jimmy & Jey take advantage of a moment of inattentiveness and knock Big E and Drew McIntyre down with super kicks.

After the first commercial break in the backstage area: Kevin Patrick wants to know from Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods what would happen if they faced each other in the semi-finals of the King of the Ring tournament.  Both do not answer the question.

1st match
King of the Ring Tournament – 1st Round Match
Xavier Woods def.Ricochet after a diving ellow drop (10:55)

Backstage: Riddle wants Randy Orton to guess who will challenge Omos to a match tonight.  It doesn’t take Orton long to find out it’s Riddle himself.

But Riddle pretends Orton doesn’t know.  Riddle wants to repeat the plan from last week, but “The Viper” makes it clear that this will not work a second time. Besides, Riddle is on his own tonight. Riddle doesn’t believe Orton.

The commentators explain how you can vote on “Dancing With The Stars” on the US TV channel ABC so that The Miz stays on the show.

The next graphic shows the new raw roster, which we will experience in two weeks, because then the rules of this year’s draft will come into force.

2nd match
Tag team match
Cedric Alexander & Shelton Benjamin defeated Mustafa Ali & Mansoor with Alexander’s Michinoku Driver against Ali (1:25)

After the match: The angry Ali pushes Mansoor to the ground because he has had enough of his tag team partner.

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Raw video review: Shayna Baszler injured the arms of Nia Jax and Eva Marie in the last few weeks and wanted to do the same with Dana Brooke, but Doudrop rushed to her help.

WWE Raw Result & Highlight

3rd match
Queen’s Crown Tournament – 1st Round Match
Shayna Baszler defeated Dana Brooke after the Knee to the Head (1:24)

After the match: Baszler wants to attack Brooke, but the referee can prevent an attack.  Brooke pulls back.

Backstage: For Raw Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair it doesn’t matter what happens in the Triple Threat Match between Becky Lynch, Bianca Belair and Sasha Banks at Crown Jewel, because she is “The Queen” and everyone is below her.  She hopes Sasha Banks wins so she can put the grin off her face (on the Survivor Series).

Before the next match: Riddle tries to distract Omos and Styles with his gossip before trying to call Orton out with several code words.  But “The Viper” cannot be seen.  The audience laughs as he sings Randy’s theme song because Riddle thought this would bring Orton out.

Styles isn’t surprised because, in his opinion, even the stupid people here in San Francisco know that Orton won’t show up.  Styles asks the referee to finally let the match begin.

4th match
Omos (w / AJ Styles) defeated Riddle after a choke bomb (2:32) – during the match, Styles guided Omos to perform certain moves, Styles had Omos’ kick against Riddle as a repetition on the video screen, while the audience “WE  WANT RANDY “called

After the Match: Styles, Riddle wants to give a Styles Clash, but that doesn’t happen because Orton’s music is playing.  Styles tells Omos to be vigilant.  Suddenly Orton is in the ring and knocks Styles down with an RKO Outta Nowhere.

WWE Raw Result & Highlight

Backstage: McIntyre confronts Big E and blames him for the Usos attack.  Big E knows they’re going to beat each other up at Crown Jewel, but tonight they’ll have to take care of the Usos together.  McIntyre agrees with the WWE Champ and doesn’t take The Bloodline seriously.  The segment ends after Big E and McIntyre mimick the Mega Powers handshake.  Both laugh.

A video recapitulates the feud between Lashley and Goldberg.

In-Ring: Bobby Lashley gets into the ring and recalls Goldberg’s words, because Goldberg threatened to kill him.  But this is behavior that is not appropriate for a WWE Superstar, Hall of Famer and father.

Lashley, on the other hand, was a well-dressed champion who had defended his title year-round while Goldberg showed up with his sleeves cut off, foaming at his mouth and making death threats.  Lashley regards Goldberg as a rabid dog who needs to be euthanized.  He wants to end Goldberg’s career.  Lashley concludes that Goldberg cannot defeat, injure or kill “The All Mighty”.

Backstage: Sasha Banks talks about the tag team match, which she will contest this evening together with Bianca Belair against Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair.  Your tag team partner should stay relaxed and follow your lead.  Your opponents won’t stand a chance.  Also, “The Boss” will defeat Becky Lynch at WWE Crown Jewel to win the SmackDown Women’s Championship.

Raw Video Recap: Austin Theory posed as a fan of Jeff Hardy last week only to be knocked down with a clothesline.  Theory then took a selfie of the finished Jeff Hardy.

5th match
Austin Theory defeated Jeff Hardy via Dirty Rollup, while Theory held Hardy’s house (2:04) – during the match the 24/7 champ Reggie stormed into the ring and tried as usual to escape his pursuers, this distracted Theory,  so that Hardy could give him a twist of fate

Backstage: Bianca Belair shares that she can win with strength and heart, while Charlotte Flair believes that you have to win by being ruthless.  Belair then recalls her win over Banks at WrestleMania.  Plus, Belair will never forget what Becky Lynch did to her.  “This is Raw and I am going here now”.

Backstage: Kevin Patrick speaks to Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods again about the King of the Ring tournament.  Because he wants to know who will win if they both meet in the semifinals.  However, both distract again by shouting “Who” before leaving the scene without answering the question.

6th match
King of the Ring Tournament – 1st Round Match
Jinder Mahal (w / Veer & Shanky) defeated Kofi Kingston (w / Xavier Woods) after the Khallas (8:55) – during the match Shanky wanted to distract Kingston, then Woods attacked Shanky, but Veer hit Woods with a clothesline  Skirmish before Kingston took care of Veer

Thus, Jinder Mahal meets Xavier Woods in the second round of the tournament.

After the match: Mahal goes to the King of the Ring throne and puts on the crown.

Backstage: Becky Lynch doesn’t have much to say anymore, even though she is someone who talks a lot.  You’ve already defeated them all and is ahead of all five steps.  “The Man” is far from happy with her collaboration with Charlotte Flair today, but she’ll win, not just tonight but at WWE Crown Jewel as well.

WWE RAW Results & Highlights

A graphic shows John Cena’s guest appearance on Saturday Night Live.

Before the Women’s Tag Team Match: Belair and Banks argue about who should start the match.  This sparked a brawl between Belair and Lynch.  Banks tries to pull Belair away, but Flair and Banks continue their battle.  Two referees storm into the ring to separate the two women.  Later on, Lynch shows an Exploder Suplex against Belair and Flair steps in on Lynch.

Flair climbs onto the top rope for her moonsault, but Banks prevents her from performing the move.  Lynch pulls Flair from the top rope and continues the fight with her.  In the further course, Belair promoted “The Boss” to Lynch and Flair.  WWE producers Shawn Daivari and Jamie Noble can tear the women apart.

Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville come out and send the women back into the ring.  Lynch and Flair continue their fight in front of the ring, while Belair and Banks roll into the ring and argue until the next commercial break.

7th match
Tag team match
Charlotte Flair & Becky Lynch vs. Bianca Belair & Sasha Banks ends in the no contest after Belair attacked her tag team partner Banks (4:33) – neither team got along

After the match: Lynch wants to give Belair her finisher, but Belair wants to do her KOD instead. However, Lynch grabs the ropes to prevent the move.  Banks took advantage of this moment and struck down Belair with the backstabber. “The Boss” wants to give Lynch the same move, but “The Man” fends off the action and brings Banks to the ground with a manhandle slam.

Backstage: The Usos discuss their strategy for today’s tag team match against Drew McIntyre and Big E.

Commentators congratulate Stephanie McMahon on being inducted into the International Sports Hall of Fame.

Pop-up video: Doudrop remembers that she beat Shayna Baszler last week and if she wins tonight she will be one step closer to the royal crown.

8th match
Queen’s Crown Tournament – 1st Round Match
Doudrop def.Natalya via rollup (3:02)

Backstage: Baszler watches Doudrop’s victory and grins.  Baszler meets Doudrop in the semi-finals of the Crown Tournament.

Backstage: John Morrison meditates until he is interrupted by Rhea Ripley and Nikki ASH. He explains to both of them what he’s doing (he taps his chi) and Nikki is delighted because Morrison is following his dreams. Nikki then admits to her tag team partner Ripley that she doesn’t know what Morrison is talking about.

Backstage: Austin Theory takes a selfie with Big E without being asked and walks away.  Big E is upset.

WWE RAW Result & Highlight

Backstage: Kevin Patrick speaks to Mansoor about Ali. Ali happens to be around and describes Mansoor as a huge waste of time.

Mansoor has nothing to do with the criticism, after all, Ali is the one who loses every week and therefore he considers himself his only lifeline.  For Ali, Mansoor is a worthless loser.  At the end of the segment, Ali attacks Mansoor from behind and beats him to the ground.

9th match
Non-Title Tag Team Match
The Usos: Jimmy & Jey defeated Big E & Drew McIntyre via Count Out – during the match Big E switched to the match without consultation, just as McIntyre was about to show a Claymore Kick.

Later Big E countered a move by Jey and  accidentally hit McIntyre from the apron, then McIntyre & Big E clashed (after McIntyre pulled Big E out of the ring) both engaged in a fight until the referee counted them both – McIntyre’s forehead swelled during the match

After the match: Big E and Drew McIntyre continue to exchange blows until The Usos dive at both of them. Jimmy & Jey push Big E over the commentary desk and McIntyre against the ring fence.

Then Big E and Drew McIntyre can handle The Usos.  After that, both rivals return to the ring and continue fighting there.  When Big E tries to do his finisher, “The Scottish Psychopath” counters and kills Big E with the Claymore Kick.  Commentators hyped the WWE Campionship Match between Big E (c) and Drew McIntyre at WWE Crown Jewel.

The show ends with a duel between Drew McIntyre on the stage and Big E in the ring.